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Mizan questions your dedication to love in "Anxious"

Even the simplest of instrumentals can be given life when paired with a suitable vocalist. Enter Mizan, a New York vocalist and keeper of the key to our emotional heart. Her sultry intonation and haunting yet dulcet flow send shivers down our spine and prove that love songs never get old. For Mizan, the art of it is everything:

“I’m not interested in being pretty or in being easily consumable. Not at all. In fact, everything I do should challenge people to understand me even if I’m not those things. I’m interested in making good, innovative, meaningful music, in being provocative, and in being honest.”

"Anxious" is the anthem for the classic lovers quarrel amidst one of the world's busiest city. The stresses of romance and relationships for American millennials know no bounds as we are left to fend for ourselves in today's fast-paced cutthroat society. Mizan gets it, but what ever shall we do?

Blues · Dark Jazz · Indie


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