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Maxo Kream And A$AP Ant come together to form a visual "Mob Of Gods"

Maxo Kream, the Houston rapper and Kream Clicc Gang general, has a penchant for exploring the darker underbelly of trill. While his lean sipping compatriots are preoccupied with glorifying the potency of their choice narcotics or the women flocking to their crew, he remains fiercely loyal to the sinister, often criminal, exploits that were thrust upon him in order to ensure his survival. A quick listen to his sophomore mixtape, Quicc Strikes, reveals his affinity for pulling "licks", selling work (hilariously dubbed "Whitney Houston"), showing off his blue flag, and dealing with any foe encroaching on his business. Maxo has little time to sit down and enjoy the fruits of his labor, besides for his sneakers ("Kicks Rule Everything Around Me") that he stole; instead, he channels the harsh realities of the streets that birthed him and does away with all romantic inclinations in his musical documenting. 

"Mob Of Gods" was a standout track from Quicc Strikes, not only for its gorgeously bleak production and Maxo's interesting lyricism,  but also because of the A$AP Ant feature. A$AP Mob have played significant roles in the proliferation of trill and Houston culture around the world, especially with A$AP Rocky's successful incorporation of its sound into his music. While Rocky is the most notable borrow in the crew, every member has been touched, which makes this Ant-Kream pairing a wonderful sign of respect from both cities and sides. Both emcees provide solid verses, with Ant surprisingly showing off his under utilized rhyming ability. There are few moments where fashion is brought up, but normally the two dedicate themselves to wild, intimidating mobbing.

Weed, guns, and a cramp room full of dudes take the focus of almost ever single scene of the video accompaniment, but it never gets stale. For almost four minutes, viewers are subjected to watching a group of young males threaten imaginary enemies and get stoned, which compliments the mood of the track perfectly. This is a song to put on before you rob a residential home with your gang, and it looks like that may happen as soon as the cameras stop rolling; it has a less optimistic "Don't Like" vibe, just with more shirts. 

Maxo Kream's "Mob Of Gods" is a good litmus test to see if you can handle his brand of eerie trill, double time rap. If you are giving it a passing grade, you should definitely check out his previous work, especially Quicc Strikes. Heading to Maxo's soundcloud would also be beneficial, as he has some material archived there. 

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