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Mirror Kisses collides art and music for "Genius"

I first heard of Mirror Kisses back when I first started writing for EARMILK, and have still found that his weirdness has only grown since then. It's great, and besides, he always reminds me of sad Depeche Mode- esque bands and that's always fun. 

This time around, he's released the visuals for "Genius," which blends shots of his art, along with two others, who paint. Opting not to go for the typical graffitti style, the two create an atmospheric mural that contrasts between light and dark, creating a stunning painterly piece, before the two ultimately paint everything white again. It highlights the temporary nature of life, as well as the realities of the world as well. It is, simply put, a little genius. 

The album this track is on, Heartbeats, is available for free via Bandcamp



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