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Deeply Hi's releases very first "We Are" [EP]

On this quiet sunny Tuesday we have a dance music newcomer to gravitate your attention towards. German Dj and producer Deeply Hi put out his very first release yesterday and it is definitely worth a listen. The title track in his We Are EP shows remnants of the styles of Diynamic’s Stimming and H.O.S.H, with exquisitely haunting vocals and deep sub shots. The ambience created is impressive for a first release, and his melodies soar in the subtle textures and soundscapes designed around classic deep house percussion. The tracks are great for bumping in a club or easy listening at home. This up and comer is sure to gain some publicity and we are excited to hear what the future holds for the young German producer.

Stream: Deeply Hi - We Are (Original Mix)

Stream: Deeply Hi - Reduced To The Assence (Original Mix)


Deeply Hi

We Are EP

  • Eyepatch Recordings
  • March 31st 2014


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