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Justin Martin & Eats Everything reunite on 'Hello Mr. Jello' collaboration EP

Justin Martin and Eats Everything share a few common traits: they’re both bass music innovators, familiar members of the Dirtybird clan, and always ready to bring a smile behind the decks. Last year saw their first of hopefully many co-productions with the Feather Fight EP, followed by the delightfully weird single “The Gettup”. While rumors of a full-length collaboration album still loom, this week sees another two-track release from the San Francisco-Bristol duo.

Hello Mr. Jello is the kind of silly EP title you’d expect from these two, but the music is nothing to joke at. “Steven Jello” has been a mysterious Dirtybird ID for months, with it’s wonky growls gracing the BPM Festival and label boss Claude VonStroke’s Holy Ship!!! main stage set back in January. The B-side “Kong” flexes a little more Eats Everything production, with a steady yet spacey bassline occasionally interrupted by monstrous airplane engine samples. While we eagerly await news of a proper album, it’s a welcomed reunion for two of house music’s most fun-loving artists.

Stream: Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Steven Jello

Stream: Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Kong


Justin Martin & Eats Everything

Hello Mr. Jello

  • Dirtybird
  • 31-03-2014


Bass · Dance · Deep House


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7 years ago

@eats_everything @mrJUSTINMARTIN @dirtybird_sf nice.