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Torches showcase a fully developed sound in "Staring" [Exclusive Download]

A flowing and rounded out indie rock sound can be found in Torches' new single "Staring". Originating the same way most acts within their sound have, the LA duo have gone from performing covers in a garage to sharing a stage with acts such as Atlas Genius and Wild Nothing, using all of their previous experience to propel them forward. 

"Staring" may be the most accessible of the duo's songs to date as it offers up a sing-along chorus and overall hook that  ingrains itself in your head for extended periods of time after even just one listen. With a body of layered guitars "Staring" sticks to a simple formula in that every instrumental and the vocals carry momentum towards a heartwarming climax. Following the chanting high, Torches then move into a break, allowing a gasp of fresh air before diving back into the swelling centerpiece. 

Download: Torches - Staring

Keep an eye out for Torches to make their mark on 2014 as "Staring" is just one bite of what is sure to be a scrumptious meal. Catch an interview with Torches and the premiere of "Staring" on Interview Magazine.

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