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Scarper's "Hypnophoniac" is perfect for late nights and dark times

I can't find proof that the word hypnophoniac is a real word at all, but considering it's haunting nature, it seems that Scarper has successfully managed to evoke the hypnotic nature of the word (or at least my best guess of what this could possibly mean). 

"Hypnophoniac" is disturbingly drawing, and mental images of a dark drive through a tunnel comes to mind. It's frightening without being too industrial, dramatic, or too hard-hitting, and there is a perfect balance between the calm nature and dark flair Scarper can masterfully create. 

This track will be out April 7th via Plexus Records, and Scarper himself is set for a busy 2014, kicking off with Soundwave Croatia in July. 





  • Plexus Records
  • March 25, 2014

Bass · Dance · Electronic


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  • reminds me of the music in "drive"

    Avatar kristen March 26, 2014 2:19 PM Reply

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