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Jay Electronica & Jay Z tag-team for a remix of Soulja Boy's "We Made It"

A mere week after releasing his first solo outing in nearly four years, "Better In Tune With The Infinite," Jay Electronica returns to mount what is (hopefully) a long roll out for his highly-coveted, repeatedly delay Roc Nation debut, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). His latest release is a remix of Soulja Boy's "We Made It," which was popularized more recently by fellow Young Money artist, Drake. Jay Elect enlists the assistance of Roc Nation head, Jay Z, and together the two construct an elaborate web of words indicative of their respective skill sets. Additionally, the two titans of industry tackle overcoming slavery and becoming fixtures of pop culture. "We Made It" is an audible depiction of black triumph.

"We Made It" is extremely afrocentric with bars from both rappers that reference 12 Years A Slave (Jay Elect name drops Solomon Northup, the book's author, and Jay name drops Lupita Nyong'o, the Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner from the film), and other aspects of slavery. Jay Elect drops hyper reverential bars like, "You can blow the nose off, that won't change it / Obamacare won't heal all that anguish / We came a long way from the bottom of the boat / All praise to the Mahdi, we found our language / Gold necklace, middle finger erected / God tribe of Shabazz stylin' on the record /Lost sons of Muhammad, we wildin' in the wreckage / Asha du illah illaha is the message." Hov counters with, "Hopped off the slave ship / Popped off my chain and took it to Jacob / I own my own masters / No I'm not missing no royalty statements." It all has a rather empowering feel to it, and considering Jay Z's net worth and Jay Electronica's roles as a Badu baby daddy and as Mr. Kate Rothschild, it's safe to say both these guys really did make it. 

Stream Jay Electronica's incredible "We Made It" remix featuring label boss Jay Z, and be on the lookout for more from the enigmatic God MC in the near future (maybe). Act II: Patents of Nobility(The Turn) is due out...at some point.

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Jay Electronica

"We Made It" (Feat. Jay Z)

  • Roc Nation
  • March 23, 2014
Hip-Hop · Rap


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