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Josh Butler warms up a beat with 'No Frills'

A notable music maker with diverse customs who drops a bomb with an ambient fumble just as easily as he can take us back to the harder house days, British producer Josh Butler reminds us that his range is always evolving.  Finding a home for his music in catalogs for OFF Recordings and Love Not Money, Butler goes on to station his talents with MadTech's blooming roster. His single No Frills does not toy around one bit with the necessity to satisfy our dancing nerve.

stream:Josh Butler - Josh Butler - No Frills Dub - No Frills EP - MadTech Records

The two tracker encompasses nimble house rooted elements that begin with the title track, "No Frills". Loose ended and tempting, the lure comes through the sensuous vocal chops that drag across the song quite flirty. With a perfect beat to lock down the mood, this slow-capped track plumps the dub appeal a few notches in a way only J. Butler could do. "Like This" reverts back to the 90's house feel that cranks out that boombox Rapper's Delight funk we love to reminisce on. Tough and full of attitude, the beat's subs add a convincing touch to this fun jive.

stream: Josh Butler - Josh Butler - Like This - No Frills EP - MadTech Records






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