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Experience the rise and fall of Jez Dior with "Who Drank My Whiskey" [Video]

 To dismiss Jez Dior as a basic pop rapper would be a grave mistake. As an artist who's already built an amazing track record with hits such as "Love Me to Death" and  "Candles,"  the LA native is poised to make 2014 a big year. Whereas the aforementioned tracks gave us a calm, yet introspective feelings, "Who Drank My Whiskey" is a slight deviation from his previous style in favour of a mellow-meets-grungy fuelled experience juxtaposed with an angst driven chorus. Directed by Valentina Avayu, the bleak video captures Dior as the centrepiece amongst a stunning group of females as they engage in a lavish lifestyle. Unbeknownst to us until the chorus hits, our subject is also going through the baggage of the rockstar lifestyle. This all peaks until the end of the video where we're met with a striking series of shots that show Dior force feeding his weapon of choice to a female while cutting back to footage of his poolside escapades. 

Check out the video above and be on the look out for Jez Dior's upcoming debut album, which is currently in the works. Until then, enjoy this one straight up. 



Jez Dior

Who Drank My Whiskey

  • March 20th, 2014
Grunge · Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap Rock


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