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Joe Bandit will make you "Believe" [Premiere + Download]

You may not be aware of the name Joe Bandit yet, but it is soon to be a household name. You may be more familiar with his exploratory house act AndDrop!, an EDC Discovery Project winner and Beatport sensation that the Washington producer is adding a new project to, to let his creative vision come to life. Recently founding Nite Records and delivering the first track entitled "Believe" has paved the way for future success with the label and if this track is any indication of whats to come I would advise keeping a close eye on it. The track pours out of the speakers like liquid gold as you are treated to glistening bells and soft vocal samples which is all held together with a complex percussive glue. With talk of more releases from Joe Bandit and Nite Records coming in mid 2014 this is certainly the time to stamp the name on your radar and keep your ears open for more indulgent audio silkiness. Click "purchase" below, and grab the track for the price of a like!


Joe Bandit


  • Nite Records
  • 20-03-2014
Dance · Electronic · Exclusive


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