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Imanos provides a "One Time" grooving flip of Marian Hill [Premiere]

There's a new electronic indie group out of Philly that is making a soulful, jazzy noise with their debut EP. Marian Hill, which consists of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol, released their impressive Play EP earlier this month. Filled with five lush and sultry tracks, Imanos chose the spirited "One Time" to be given a tasteful trap remix. The NYC DJ/producer gives the record an up tempo boost while staying true to the original's best qualities. Leading in with Jeremy Lloyd's alluring saxophone riff, the spotlight is on the enchanting vocals of Samantha Gongol, which are given a bouncy groove to them through an on-point percussion and littering of catchy vocal samples. Plain and simple, this track flows. 

Imanos's remix is an addicting product that you can listen to during a grooving chill-sesh or even on the dance floor. In whatever situation you find yourself listening to the "One Time" flip, you'll find this mood-lifter stuck in your head pretty quickly. Check out the premiere below, and be sure to grab Marian Hill's debut EP via iTunes


Marian Hill

"One Time" (Imanos Remix)

  • 20-Mar-14
Chillstep · Electronic · Indie · Jazz · Trap


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