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RATKING and King Krule explore gritty NY streets in "So Sick Stories"

Ratking, the New York City based alternative hip hop group, have consistently delivered a sound that breaks from the mold of their hometown. Trading the dusty kick drums for electronic bass pounding, the snappy snares for unorthodox sequenced percussion, and obscure soul or jazz samples for haunting clips from movies or television soundtracks, they have been able to develop a sound that is wholly unique; toeing the line between industrial, punk, rap, and twisted psychedelia, their music continues to experiments with the boundaries of genre, with clear disregard of any possible calamities. While they may be abrasive and tough around the edges, Ratking often offer an interesting perspective for those willing to press play more than once.

"So Sick Stories" is their latest single and one of the best songs in their slowly growing discography. Featuring the strangely intoxicating production that has become a staple of their sound, albeit much more mellow this time around, the track reassures fans that they haven't fallen sway to mainstream sensibilities during their short absence. Emcees Wiki and Hak are the real highlights of the entire experience though, with the former continuing to show that he can lyrically out rap majority of those in the industry today. His high pitched flow weaves tales about the Island together in an intense mosaic of words that fly by quickly, escaping before their full weight can be felt, so make sure you can find the replay button. King Krule, their label and tourmate, croons on the hook, providing a more subdued voice to be heard between the two boisterous emcees.   

The Eric K. Yue directed video for "So Sick Stories"is as gritty and raw as their sound. Featuring the crew in different locations around Manhattan island, but most prominently near a cemetery, viewers get a dark view of their daily lives. There are a lot of disorientating quick cuts throughout the near five minute long video, which is reminiscent of the fast paced lifestyle of City citizens.  These visuals capture the essence of the track in an impressive fashion. 

Ratking's debut album, So It Goes, will be available on April 8th and will feature "So Sick Stories". If you like what you hear on this single, you should definitely check out their previous work, archived on their website.

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