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Get dirty with Myler's 'Butter Soft Leather' [Exclusive]

Techno mastermind Myler is getting ready to release his upcoming EP, Butter Soft Leather, which features four tracks that experiment with tech sounds to create hard hitting sounds that would drive any rave insane. 

The EP flows smoothly, kicking things into call with "Butter Soft Leather," which slides perfectly into "Chanel Boom Boom," "Cake Walk," and a remix of "Cake Walk" by Interferon. The songs blend to sound like a short story, hitting the right notes intensely. These are the songs that will be played at the peak of any underground party, guaranteed to make kids convulsive. BSL knows how to make everyone move and get a little dirty. 

The release will be out on March 24th via Apothecary Compositions subsidiary Vials. Pre-order's can be found on their site




Butter Soft Leather

  • Apothcary Compositions
  • March 24, 2014


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