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Acropolis Sound finally release their bass infused 'Wreaths & Roses' EP [Download]

One of the hottest emerging talents out of the UK at the moment, Acropolis Sound, took many listener's breath away when they released their U Down EP last March. The duo consisting of Tony Bennett and Mark Harris, are part of the formidable Murkage Cartel, which houses over 30 different creatives. Whilst the U Down EP was still a little rough around the edges in places, it showed that the pair had a knack of creating bass-laced jams and that their sound is one that can't be put in a box.

With that project being released almost a year ago to the day, Acropolis Sound have spent the past twelve months fine tuning their skills, working on various remix's (including an incredibly slick remix of Yerosha Sound) alongside their new EP. With fans and critics alike chomping at the bit to listen to their latest work, we were made to wait, apart from snippets that were played on Madam X's 1Xtra show to whet our appetites.

This week however, we have been finally treated to the full Wreaths & Roses EP, and boy was it worth the wait. Sitting at 25 minutes long, and only five tracks deep, it's safe to say that this is quite a wholesome project. This EP is definitely the boys best work to date, as they effortlessly glide their way through bass drenched house and techno, with added flashes of soul, to create an original sound that grows in stature throughout.

The EP starts out with the majestic "Portent", which has some space-age love vibes, with epic synths and atmospheric drum hits. "Women", arguably my favourite track on the EP, is a bass-drenched techno banger that is bound to smash up dancefloors across the globe. "Close Up" again serves up another slice of sexy space age love making music, with smooth, gliding synth lines across a down-tempo banger of a beat, with some chopped up female vocals thrown in for good measure. "The Burst" delves a little deeper into the techno side of things as well as blending in some bass driven house to create another dancefloor smash that will have people bouncing around the rave. The final track is a re-work of "Close Up", but this time they take the tempo up a notch and turn a spacey slow jam, into a bass-induced banger that really gets your feet moving.

You can stream the entire Wreaths & Roses EP below, and if you're feeling what you're hearing you can download this project from Acropolis Sound's bandcamp.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/27029126" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true"width="100%" height="450"iframe="true"/]

acropolis sound wreaths and roses ep artwork

Acropolis Sound

Wreaths & Roses

  • Invader Music
  • 17th March, 2014
Bass · Dance · Electronic


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7 years ago

Oh hello.. “: Acropolis Sound finally release their bass infused ... - http://t.co/E0waada7Rt @itsAcropolis @Invadermusic”

Acropolis Sound
7 years ago

Oh hay! “: Acropolis Sound finally release their bass infused ... - http://t.co/0TmCwtgtVs @itsAcropolis @Invadermusic”