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C. Shreve and Martin Snoddy let "Natural Selection" do the work

C. Shreve the Professor and Martin Snoddy are from Free The Optimus, a hip hop collective that is based in Asheville, North Carolina. The two recently collaborated together to make “Natural Selection” produced by Mikey Kotz. The group is known for bringing positive and poetic lyrics that flow over jazz influenced hip hop beats that bring in a hint of soul.

Their newest track highlights the competitive nature of hip hop, and the desire to want to be the best. In order to survive both C. Shreve and Snoddy manage to point out that creativity and intelligence will ultimately prove to be their strong point."Natural Selection" proves that with a good state of mind, influence and power will ultimately come their way. Their lyrical talent goes above and beyond of what is expected in the rap music these days. The song shows hunger, strength and bravery.

“Natural Selection” is motivational track that should encourage rappers to make new moves on their music and is worth a good listen. 

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C. Shreve the Professor

Natural Selection (Feat. Martin Snoddy)


Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Rap · Raw-Hop


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