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DJ Snake & Lil Jon have perfected the art of turnt in new video "Turn Down For What"

Normally when we start a post, there is a brief contextual opening statement that helps our readers get a firm grasp on who the featured artist or artists are, and what makes them so special. However, instead of rambling on about Lil Jon and his contributions to crunk music, or DJ Snake and his constant forward thinking experimenting approach to genre mixing, we are going to jump right into their collaboration. There isn't enough time in the universe to adequately talk about their  past and, what can only be described as, the greatest music video of 2014—if not of all time. Without further ado, we present you with "Turn Down For What."

Where do you begin with this video? And then, where do you end? What is life? Yes, the magnitude of the pelvic thrusts will not only blast any female onlookers' clothes right off, but also send you into an existential crisis. When that older woman's breasts just spring to life and begin twerking, any traces of rationality, you desperately cling to, quickly lose importance. These visuals are turnt...to the maximum level. You have never seen a video quite like this and you may never see one again. When was the last time you have seen man "dagger" his way through a four story apartment? Or a policeman stick his face in between a woman's conscious chest? It is the most absurd, purely amazing three minute and thirty second experience on the internet. 

"Turn Down For What" is a good song overall; coupled with these visuals though, it takes on a whole new life. DJ Snake and Lil Jon are a great pair together and their eccentric styles can be used to create some interesting work in the future. It's a shame that the Oscar's just past, this video definitely deserves at least one or two awards. For what? It doesn't matter, it should be recognized somehow for its greatness.

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