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No "Sleepwalking" with this Juventa remix of The Chain Gang of 1974's hit

Looking for some distinctiveness in your daily electronic music grind? Cue the indietronica project of American musician and DJ, Kamtin Mohager, called The Chain Gang of 1974. Mohager, a California native, has been working hard since his break from electropop duo 3OH!3 to develop his own unique sound with elements of both nostalgic 80’s synthpop and modern EDM-type rhythm. And he has been gaining traction with his successful layering of delicious grooves with bold beats in a fresh way. Recently, there have been a lot of forum conversations about his track “Sleepwalking” which was featured on Grand Theft Auto 5’s trailer & soundtrack. The track, slightly reminiscent of M83’s “Midnight City”, was a different, darker direction from some of his other lighter works. A peek into the denial of an unhealthy relationship, the track was perfect for the gritty for the setting of GTA5.


And for those who need some dance distinctiveness on this drab day, check out the most recent remix of “Sleepwalking” by Juventa, a rising trance producer, who had his first release when he was just 15. But, Juventa shows he is anything but juvenile by finding a nice balance between the best features of the original and adding his own progressive spin. He kept the rich, emotive vocals and some of the backing elements but awakened the sleepy, dreamlike track. He’s charged it with his own psyched up beat so you can lose yourself and completely forget that decayed relationship. Both of the tracks have a nice flavor that we’d definitely like to hear more of.

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The Chain Gang of 1974

"Sleepwalking" (Juventa Remix)

  • Enhanced Recordings
  • 2014-03-10


Dance · Electronic


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