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Seba offers up 'Mesmerism EP' for twentieth release off his label, Secret Operations

Since the late 1990s, Swedish artist Sebastian Ahrenberg (known as Seba) has rocked the ambient drum & bass game at its core with mellow breaks, Rhodes-style keys, and orchestral string assembles. Unlike most of the tear out breakbeat and heavy growling mid- and upper-range associated with the genre, Seba and his ambient counterparts on labels like Secret Operations and Good Looking Records are proof that dnb isn't as one-dimensional as some people claim. With his chill take on 85 and 170 BPM, Seba brings more to the table than just mosh-ready attitudes and throngs of sweaty hoodlums.

Mesmerism, available March 10th on vinyl and digital download, makes a smooth transition from 2013's Identity. The new EP fosters a deep techno inspired attitude with its sound design and sub-bass while maintaining the iconic double time and 3/4 drumming breaks of his prior works. Tracks like "Physickl" and "Mesmerism" convey an ominous tone with their vaulted reverb and cavernous delay. The long decay on the hi hats in "Mesmerism" shower the track in a sonic deluge, imparting haunting symbolism of our darkest inner monologue. "Science Fiction" and "Life Is" take a punchier and more liquid approach, respectively. In terms of sonic diversity and voice, these four pieces accomplish more than most full-length albums of similar artists can with eight or twelve tracks. Simply put, you know a Seba track when you hear one, regardless of how much you know about the over-encompassing field of drum & bass.

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You can also catch Seba's latest guest mix for Do Androids Dance here.

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