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PromNite gets you going with voluptuous remix of Denzel Curry's "Threatz"

If you haven't heard Denzel Curry's original mix of "Threatz," it is definitely one of the more ratchet tracks of 2013, and is probably not a tune you would play for your girl while courting her back at your place - I'm guessing "n***a we don't take kindly to threats, we don't take kindly to threats" isn't the romantic hook she'll be waiting for.

That being said, somehow mystery beat maker PromNite made it something worth lovin' to, incorporating smooth and seductive jazz-based samples, all while keeping the heavy bass element present. I'm even tempted to say that it might go harder than the original, so make sure to hold onto this one for Valentine's Day, 2015. 


Denzel Curry

Threatz (PromNite Edition)

  • March 9, 2014
Bass · Electronic · Hip-Hop · Trap


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