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Daft Punk and Jay Z reboot the Tron soundtrack with "Computerized"

When two musical powerhouses like these collide, the aftermath could only ever be something truly profound; French Electronic dance icons Daft Punk have recruited rap royalty Jay Z to lend his revered services to their latest labour of futuristic brilliance, “Computerized”.

It’s been a huge year for the aforementioned; both enjoyed astronomical success with their respective summer releases; Magna Carta Holy Grail and Random Access Memories, so to see collaboration featuring the two parties will be sure to bring joy to music enthusiasts the world over.  

Jigga has expressed a desire to work with Daft Punk before; however, it’s been rumoured that the track itself was done back in 2010 as a part of the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. This would make a lot of sense as the robotically wired track bears an inescapable likeness to “The Son of Flynn”, one of the better tracks from the movie’s score. In keeping with the Sci-Fi feel of the track, Jay’s lyrical endeavour brings future shock and a day to day de-humanization at the hands of technology to the forefront.

Although it only hit the net just a matter of hours ago, the release has spread faster than the clap in a freat house and divided opinion; some are relishing the joint venture whilst others have criticized it as lackluster and unnecessary. If we look at the plain facts though, the combination of two of Dance and Hip Hop’s finest entities will be too much for most to resist. DP’s production has never been anything short of unparalleled; not many artists can boast a number one album, let alone one that they composed for a movie soundtrack – and if anyone can shoulder the pressure of cleaning up a Daft Punk track, Jay Z’s name would surely have to be one of a handful.

Each has carved out a remarkable legacy and relevance that has spanned decades now, so it seems only fitting that they combine to bridge two genres that have always complemented each other favourably – but is there a second helping in store? We've seen Jay Z and Linkin Park cross genres and join forces on an album before, so it may well be within the realms of possibility.

 You can listen to “Computerized” below and see what all the fuss is about:

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