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Nancy Whang gets you to "Do That Dance" to Shit Robot's new single [Video]

Nancy Whang of the late LCD Soundsystem partners up with Shit Robot on his new single “Do That Dance.” The video features Whang showing off some serious dance moves amidst a flurry of visuals and effects.  Since the breakup of LCD Soundsystem, she’s been appearing on a number of ultra-chic disco tracks. Her laid back vocals always add another layer of cool on top everything. 

In addition to Whang, Shit Robot’s forthcoming album We Got A Love features a host of guests including Luke Jenner of The Rapture, comedian Reggie Watts, and DFA mates Museum of Love. It’s shaping up to be a serious dance party. Look for We Got A Love on March 18th via DFA Records. Preorder the album now at the DFA Store. 


Shit Robot

We Got A Love

  • DFA Records
  • March 18, 2014
Dance · Indie · Music Videos · Nu-disco


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nancy whang
7 years ago

Or at least do A dance.

7 years ago

Love that she's just doing her own thing up there on screen.