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Raury makes grand debut with "God's Whisper"

You probably haven't heard of Raury yet, but that's just because he's one of Atlanta's best kept secrets. The 17-year-old songwriter and guitarist is a welcome alternative change of pace to the city's somewhat repetitive trap stylings. Inspired by Andre 3000, Bon Iver, Coldplay, and Kid Cudi, Raury is a young beacon for southern acoustics and he is set to make his mark on Atlanta's gigantic music scene.  

The good folks over at Billboard premiered Raury's new tune, "God's Whisper," a few days ago, and in an interview with the magazine, Raury essentially calls the song an attack on school as a "system of indoctrination and brainwashing." He elaborates even further on the record: "When they see a person like me, who doesn’t give a fuck, following through the school system, they look down upon me. They think I'm nothing. But they have something coming because I hear God’s whisper. That means, my intuition, my natural calling in life is what God's whisper is. When I say, 'I am the savior,'  I'm spreading that message to others. You have that whisper to you. You have your intuition. You have your own natural calling that you have to trust and follow."

"God's Whisper" is a promising debut for the adolescent, potential star-in-the-making. Featuring booming drums, robust guitar riffs, and chanting vocal samples, the song is a powerful statement marked by ambitious sonics. "On a mission lead by intuition / You should listen," he croons, and it reeks of rebellion. In a good way. If the rest of his catalog proves to be this enchanting, we'll be hearing a lot more from him.

Stream Raury's "God's Whisper" below, check out another of his early songs, "Bloom," as well, and be on the lookout for more from the young ATLien, namely his debut EP, Indigo Child.




"God's Whisper"

  • March 6, 2014
Alternative · Indie


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