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Benny Benassi & Shinichi Osawa finally release the insane "Dope 427"

It seems like this weekend’s daylight savings is a long awaited light at the end of a very wintery tunnel; but we may need a little extra kick in preparation for springing ahead. Thankfully, we don’t have to look any further than EDM daddy Benny Benassi and Japanese producer Shinichi Osawa, who are finally releasing the long awaited “Dope 427” which was originally premiered a stunning 4 years ago by Benassi at Electric Daisy Carnival.

While it remains a mystery why this is only being released now, we are incredibly grateful for the track’s massive blend of genius and madness. It begins with a driving beat and a synth riff slightly reminiscent of Heart’s “Barracuda” that quickly cuts to the gasps of pure burning desire. It then drops into a delirious freakout of hard-hitting beats, urgent synths and undulations of pure savage electronic sounds. This sensual electro house hit is needful, stimulating and has just the right amount of wrong. It is truly packed with the punch you need to make it through to the heat of summer.

Stream: Shinichi Osawa & Benny Benassi - Dope 427

Dope 427 Benny Benassi

Shinichi Osawa & Benny Benassi

Dope 427 (Original Mix)

  • Ultra
  • 2014-03-03
Dance · Electro House


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