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Paul Gilmore enhances electronic origins with Fink's "Warm Shadow" remix

Keeping with the ominous vibe of the prototype, Austrian musician and producer Paul Gilmore reexamines a well-known Fink song and takes things up a notch. "Warm Shadow," an original by the Folk/Blues/Dub/Indie/Post-rock and Brighton-based group, was featured on the hit AMC show, The Walking Dead, and its haunting yet soulful theme remains in tact within Gilmore's electronic interpretation. It's clear that Gilmore put some thought into both his role as the listener and the remixer, writing, "'Warm Shadow' tips its hat to the electronic origins of the band with its 4/4 kick drum contemporizing the folk sound before an electric guitar again shifts the focus – its incessant motion making for compelling listening. Therefore, I designed a remix by enhancing the arrangement, adding heavier yet deep base drums, subterranean bass lines, tape strings and piano keys."

The past few months have seen an impressive amount of work coming Gilmore's studio, stationed in Innsbruck, Austria, including a set of reworks and a series of radio mixes. To get a better taste of his house-influenced sounds, click here.



Paul Gilmore

Fink – "Warm Shadow" (Paul Gilmore Remix)

Electro House


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