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Motez commemorates Vicious Recordings with new remix of Madison Avenue's "Don't Call Me Baby"

The Australian producer Motez has recently been featured here with his amazing guest mix. Not only does he put out great mixes, he has an admirable repertoire of original tracks and remixes including Goldroom's "Embrace" and "Gas Pedal" from Sage the Gemini. Today we are featuring his new remix of Madison Avenue’s “Don’t Call Me Baby”, and it's killer.

This track starts with a forthright in-your-face kick that sounds a bit resonant of a slap (suits the title, no?). It does a great job of taking the attitude of the lyrics and translating them into sound, with the muffled and echoed vocals acting as narration. Irresistibly melodic as in any club house track, and ridiculously addictive. After repeating this track about 30 or so times I’d say it’s a winner. This remix celebrates 21 years of Vicious Recordings, and it's quite the salute!

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/136622907" params="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]


Madison Avenue

Don't Call Me Baby (Motez Vicious21 Remix)

  • Vicious Recordings
  • 03/03/2014
Dance · House


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