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BLVCK CEILING puts his own twist on Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci"

Not a foreigner on the site is Spokane's grim producer, Blvck Ceiling. The dark and maleficence composer enjoys creating musical collages of his favorite raw samples of films such as twin peaks and others. One thing to really love about this producer is his consistent efficiency. He always has some new release week after week. With a discography of already 10 plus albums and EPs BC always brings something new to the table.

Before we had a Lady Gaga remx, this time we get something a little more hip hopish with Kreayshawn's famous track "Gucci Gucci". It starts off quickly with the signature snyth everyone knows and loves and his famous percussion arrangements. It's so genius how he turns this one into something so sparse, but yet still has a melodic feel. Be on the look out for his next releases such as his newest EP titled The Ghost EP . We provided a peak at his newest EP and another one of his M.I.A. remixes.


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