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Night Rumours 16

Find them at basement nights and warehouse one-offs reaching from New York to Montreal and overseas Berlin, a collect of conneisseuring clubbers. Void of tasteless vagabonds and cheap standards, looking to give credit where credit is due. The recent flood of clichéd counterfeits has made most music today better left unsaid, but it's the rumours stuck in our head that tug at our ego and give us the need to shine light. A compulsive urge to spread from one ear to the next, to draw a line between bottle service cogs and what is honestly the cutting edge of electronic music. There's no room for Vegas roller coasters or casual chit chat, just Night Rumours worth spreading.




Loud Neighbor
The Fellonship
WORKT34M; 2014-02-20

 When is the last time you heard about a husband & wife live act out of Brooklyn with an obsession for hardware and knob turning? How about the fact they do so to a precise meter that executes spaced out synth chords, sultry bass rhythms, and edgy drum sequences? Add that while one handles the vocal end the other is providing support behind the boards, and it's easy to conclude that these two have quite the right balance and chemistry for a successful relationship (of course, we can only speculate this last statement). Well, that's Loud Neighbor for you. Consisting of STEEL5000 and sound engineer/ producer Martin Garcia Blaya, the two have kicked off the first series of 12-inch singles under their own imprint, WORKT34M, which is intended to reign as an exclusive platform for their music. The Fellonship marks this inaugural celebration  with a smooth and velvety original track encapsulating a gallivant groove fanning anyone with a yearn for a topical dance session. Entering the scene after is the Detroit based act, Octave One, who make it their duty to heighten the experience to a new phase of eloquent string lines that call out the Detroit cutting-edge  orb.


sTREAM:Loud Neighbor - The Fellonship


stream:Loud Neighbor - The Fellonship (Octave One Remix)



Prime Numbers; 2014-02-13

Last February, Trus'me released his third album, Treat Me Right, on his culted Prime Numbers imprint. After showing us how he can call on his past and tap into new experiments that are convincingly good, the saga continues with his newest remix EP that brings us a rework from British fellow, Mosca. "Somebody" - the memorable track off the album that begins with that Denzel Washington excerpt from 'American Gangster' that left many of us scratching our heads - has a sleek vibe that effortlessly flows through much of his music and DJ sets. With a very home based UK-house touch supplying heavy analog strings and honeyed vocal samples, it's only natural for a rework to come from another close on heavyweight. Mosca's rendition spreads out the vibe with a dub-oriented flow that yields a spaced and emotive ambiance. clenching a nostalgic undertone the frequencies are perfect for headphone tuning. This EP is one any house enthusiast can really fall in love with—trust me.



stream:Trus'me - Somebody (Original Mix)


stream:Trus'me - Somebody (Mosca Remix)



Waze & Odyssey
Real Good Like
W & O Street Tracks; 2014-02-10

It's impossible to go out today without hearing the mention of Waze & Odyssey somewhere. Whether you find yourself in Ibiza, Berlin, London, or Los Angeles, the mass appeal found in W & O's music is fanatically savory. With lollipop tracks that have taken clubs worldwide by storm, the underground house duo from the UK have managed to remain, well, underground through their wave of fame. This can be accredited to the boys' statement that quality will always conquer quantity, and that staying true to themselves and their music will always be a part of what they do. Perhaps helping explain the lack of cheesed out Waze & Odyssey remixes that surprisingly never happened, their need for validity in their music shows  via their W & O Street Tracks imprint. Originally starting as a vinyl-only label for their music, they've now given what many fans without record players have called out for; the digital versions. Seventh hot off the press is Real Good Like EP that carries everything we love and never get tired of in a Waze & Odyssey track. Fun and full of life, the title track locks in a 90's house vibe with floating synths and swollen bass grooves that add a nice bounce to the melody. "Everything You're Made Of" works as the perfect b-side. A denser side to their music with shifting stabs that quench any trace of thirst for a deep house jibe. Let the groove seep into your head, and head on to the dance floor with this one.


stream:Waze & Odyssey - Real Good Like (Original Mix)


stream:Waze & Odyssey - Everything You're Made Of (Original Mix)


Shtum; 2014-02-07

 Yør's newest release on the German imprint, Shtum, is anything but silent. Already belting releases for Purple Maze, his welcome to Shtum was certainly open-armed. The Hamburg producer brings a semi-mechanical and wallowing sound that propellers force just as easily as it croons gently. Releasing "Ritus" as a free download for XLR8R earlier this month, the sneak peek gave us a headfirst taste of what to expect. As the track's essence encodes faint murmurs of vocal samples, the beckoning claps keep us engaged. But not all you find in this release is heavy felt with gun-metal schemes. Take "Nachtwache", the low ranged track with distended subs that keep feels like you are afloat in a river of dubby-tech waters without ever feeling too bearing. "Agony" and (a personal favorite)"Under The Influence", both track a journey of inverted melodies that seek its thrill in the chase. Classic techno grooves pass on by without leaving any inch of space unused here. With so much to love from this release, we can only await the producer's next move, but this is more than enough to keep us satisfied now.


stream: Yør - Nachtwache


stream: Yør - Ritus


stream: Yør - Agony


stream: Yør - Under the Influence


Yan Cook
Ann Aimee; 2014-01-27

Reaching out to Eastern European talents is where we find Yan Cook. The Ukranian producer delivers his second tray of goods for Ann Aimee - the sister label of Dutch imprint, Delsin. With four floor churning tracks meant to attack the dance floor at any given angle, Morse is a severely detonating EP that screams a haunting techno yelp not meant for light listening. With an A-side designated to get bodies on the floor and the B-side meant to keep them there, the segueing from track to track formulates in a very calculated, yet uncivilly dulcet manner. Glossed over with a rust coloured fragrance, this heavy smokestacked sash of machine noise digs through the soft and abandoned soils of steel mill industry few can succesfully tread through. Rough textures adorned in tracks like "Suspense" and "Morse" balance out with "Nylon"'s rubbery balm that unfolds into an ever-blooming posy. Another true techno weapon that will make a Yan Cook follower out of you.


stream: Yan Cook - Morse


stream: Yan Cook - Lighthouse


stream: Yan Cook - Nylon


stream: Yan Cook - Suspense


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