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W&W kick it up a notch on Gareth Emery's "U"

Armada staple W&W continue to reshape the label with their signature sound, this time teaming up with Gareth Emery to remix his newest track, "U" on his own outlet Garuda. Featuring vocals from Bo Bruce, the original track was already heavily laced with electro influences, but the boys Willem and Wardt take it up a notch here with heavy, big room basslines that provide a new backdrop to Bruce's vocals.  The elegant synth chords used by Emery only get a quick cameo here, and intense, siren-like synths replace them in what is surely the "festival ready" version of this song.  W&W certainly has a knack for working with classic trance producers.  So check it out below, and grab a copy for yourself off Beatport today.

Stream:Gareth Emery, Bo Bruce, W&W - U (W&W Remix)


Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce

U (W&W remix)

  • Garuda
  • 2-24-2014
Dance · House · Progressive


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