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American Authors pen another hit with "Heart of Stone" [Premiere]

These four boys from Brooklyn won’t quit putting out great music that we can’t not share. And for the record – that’ll be the only double (or single) negative happening in this review, because today we’re premiering American Authors' newest track “Heart of Stone” off their debut EP, Oh, What a Life. We're happy to report that the release has been moved up a day to March 3.

Contradictory to the last folkier track we reviewed, this production is a pure pop rock guerrilla attack to our senses, inspiring us to crank up the speakers while transporting us back to the '90s, when we’d crowd surf to NFG and OAR and skank (the G-rated type of skank) in the school gymnasium. The song starts out like Autoheart’s “Moscow”, with bouncy guitar introducing a punchy vocal, accompanied by a head-bopping beat, and later is joined by signature "oohs" and "ahhs" and harmonizing shouts to accent the important lyrics (i.e., “stone” and “you”).

They have the chops, they have the mainstream appeal, they certainly have the ability to coin a catchy chorus. That being said, thank God February is a short month and March 3 will be here soon. Until then, you can preorder Oh, What a Life on iTunes and repeatedly stream “Heart of Stone”, which has now been permanently etched into our weekly playlist.


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