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A hypnotic haze from Feathered Sun for Platon Records' 'PL001' [Premiere]

The savors of sunset and sunrise: stirringly soft, still, transient, and a hint at infinite celestial expansion. Hitchhiking through similar metaphysical moods, Berlin collective Feathered Sun unravels three liquefied house tracks for Platon Records’ PL001.


Feathered Sun is the stewed experiment of NU, Jo.Ke, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, and Iannis Ritter, suffused by a distinct and drowsy delirium. Melancholic keys and a forlorn gaucho tale top pureed bass in “Deer Fox,” before lapsing into the more melodic “Keep It Warm.” Here, a deep, vacuous wobble, tinny drums, and a clarion vocal chant subdue and cradle in the void of mist. The final track whips out a smirk-worthy bender. “Me and My Entourage” is a wonky groove that slugs between elastic slides and the crazed crackle of a vagabond. Unhurried and undulating, PL001 is mesmeric in a way that only a cupful of codeine or cryptic mantra could induce.


Feathered Sun drops March 10 on vinyl and digital – the first release for Platon Records in what will surely be a long, strange journey.


Stream:Feathered Sun - Deer Fox

Stream:Feathered Sun - Keep It Warm

Stream:Feathered Sun - Me And My Entourage


Feathered Sun1

Feathered Sun


  • Platon Records
  • 10.03.2014
Dance · Deep House · Exclusive · House


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