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"Reality Bites" for Chox-Mak in his raw new video

Jacksonville’s Chox-Mak is back with new visuals for “Reality Bites”, a solid old skool effort which has been bumping around the internet for a few months now. Mak has kept it local for the monochrome video with his recruitment of up and coming North Carolina videographer Ray Flaco. The pioneer of the 90’s Flow movement keeps it real on every level, with a laid back persona and a close-knit team all contributing to the continued success and growing notoriety of his honest brand of raw hip hop. DJ YRS Jerzy is also a key player in the everyday struggle which goes into producing fresh projects and distributing them weekly. “Reality Bites” plays like a documentary looking at the internal battles that Mak and many other independent rappers fight as they try to balance new found success with satisfying a hunger for more.

“Standing still but limping, the labyrinth’s where I’m sitting, fixed on premonitions of money cars and women, somehow against the grain every cut is made with precision, still doubted by some bitches but the overall opinion; I’m despicable, Emineming all of my competition”  

Check out the “Reality Bites” video and keep your eyes on EARMILK for more music from the aspirational Chox-Mak as he continues to breathe new life into the old skool.

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