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LIL TEXAS edits Jhene Aiko and Kendrick Lamar's "Stay Ready"

LA based producer LIL TEXAS has done it yet again with a fantastic remix of Jhene Aiko and Kendrick Lamar's "Stay Ready." By primarily focusing on the track's gentleness, LIL TEXAS introduces the smooth and mellow melody with subtle repetitive sounds and phrases while adding one new layer at a time. The once slow and quiet edit quickly picks up energy with upbeat synth, claps, and the memorable "Hey, woo!" a sample from Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two." The contrasting additions to the remix's cloudy, smooth nature make for an interesting experience. 

LIL Texas is well adversed in several genres that can encompass anything from synth heavy beats to bass heavy trap music, so if you're looking for variety and interpretive and expressive talent, TEXAS's got that on lock.

Pop · R&B


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