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Encounter a true Rotterdam affair with Taras vd Voorde & David Vunk's 'Need You Tonight' EP

Moustache Records' newest release infiltrates the excitement and adventure that comes along with a night in the fast city of Rotterdam, Holland. As both producers and friends Taras von de Voorde & David Vunk team up again to stir together a sonic taste of their nightly ventures with Need You Tonight, the outcome could not epitomize the city's 6pm - 6am discotheque reputation any better. With the legendary ROD ( also regarded as Benny Rodrigues) and Alden Tyrell on remix duties, this straight Rotterdam collaboration cuts the chase and breathes a rampant club zeal sure to keep you locked in time and time again.

stream:Taras van de Voorde & David Vunk - Need You Tonight (Alden Tyrell Remix)

With "Need You Tonight" (Original Mix) treading in the duo's beloved recreation of the TR-909 rhythms,  Taras von de Voorde & David Vunk both manage to emanate some hard-nosed Jupiter 8 synth stabs that whirl the track into a classic house frequency we love finding at clubs. Once we reach the Alden Tyrell remix, the lightheartedness distances as we encounter his stripped down percussive rendition that transforms the warm tones into an after-hour realm of prime time circuits. ROD revamps the track and creeps in a deep subterrestrial feel sure to keep all the night floaters in tact. As melodies ripen and grow with progress, this tune oozes gezelligheid from the inside out.

stream:Taras van de Voorde & David Vunk - Need You Tonight (ROD Remix)

Be sure to grab your copy of Need You Tonight as it is out today worldwide on both digital and 12-inch platforms.



Taras vd Voorde & David Vunk

Need You Tonight [EP]

  • Moustache
  • 2014-02-24


Deep House · House


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