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Bugzy Malone is "Troubled & Tormented" in the penultimate episode of his series

This week see's Manchester's Bugzy Malone almost draw his six-part series to a close, as he premieres the penultimate episode, "Troubled & Tormented". Two weeks ago, the UK emcee successfully released his latest mixtape The Journal Of An Evil Genius Vol. 1, which was incredibly well received from fans and critics alike, and with this video release, he has almost brought an end to a hugely successful video campaign.

In the last episode for "Rainmaker", we saw Bugzy in the studio, letting out a lot of his bottled up emotions on a laid back track. This time around, we see the darker side of Bugz, as he prepares to take drastic action, getting himself dressed in all black, and stalking a man who appears to be an enemy of the young rapper. Lyrically he delivers some of his best work to date, explaining in detail how he is deeply tormented by the past and how he's tore up inside. All of this is laid on top of a relaxed, yet upbeat instrumental that fits with the rappers flow easily.

You can peep the visuals for "Troubled & Tormented" below, and if you're liking what you're hearing you can download the mixtape for free from his website.

bugzy malone mixtape cover

Bugzy Malone

The Journal Of An Evil Genius Vol. 1

  • Self-Released
  • 10th February, 2014
Exclusive · Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap · U.K.


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