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Blue Sky Black Death remix Frank Ocean's "Pyramids"

Frank Ocean continues to stay albeit relatively quiet so far this year, as the leading smash single from his acclaimed Channel Orange record has just been remixed by Blue Sky Black Death. “Pyramids” still stands alone today in the R&B desert as a masterpiece which showcased Frank’s endless talent and justified all the hype surrounding him at the time of its release. Blue Sky Black Death have taken the already complex, multi layered track into a new realm of ambiance.

The Seattle based production duo released their album Glaciers in October last year and also worked with the versatile cast of Gucci Mane, Deniro Farrar, Nacho Picasso and Mack Shine for the ridiculously cool, glitched out “Keys”. This offering maintains the original flavour of Ocean’s “Pyramids” while introducing a collection of subtle synth tones before completely chopping and screwing it up with a tasty outro that’s near impossible not to react to play after play. Kingston Maguire and Ian Taggart take their name from a skydiving phrase which alludes to beauty and death. So before your life flashes before your eyes as you skip back to the three minute mark a silly amount of times, be sure to check out the other releases from Blue Sky Black Death for more glacial production.

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