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Reach a "Ludicrous Speed" with VNDMG's latest [Premiere + Download]

VNDMG (pronounced "Van-Damage") is speeding ahead towards his new February 25th album release titled Million Minds, and the San Francisco-based producer has us stirring for more with his latest release "Ludicrous Speed." This eclectic producer has found an optimum blend of genres amidst trap, industrial, crunk, and glitch to bring dance music a sound we aren't all too familiar with. "Ludicrous Speed" flaunts a grinding bass line and a melody that will make you lose your sense of time. VNDMG's record is dark and eerie, yet soothing and driving; rounded out by a littering of catchy vocal samples that make this track a versatile club go-to. 

This producer's mind-boggling juxtaposition of dark atmospheric blends and bright, poppy synths will urge your body to start moving to its addicting beats. Have a listen to "Ludicrous Speed" below and see what VNDMG is all about. Support VNDMG on his social media pages, and be on the lookout for his upcoming album off MalLabel Music

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"Ludicrous Speed"

  • 19-Feb-14
Bass · Dance · Electronic · Glitch · Trap


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