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Khary Durgans presents 'Love+Anchors', a mature debut

Vulnerability has a special quality about it that turns typically weak moments in an artist's life into pillars of strength and exercises in courage: symbols of freedom and fight. What was once taboo themes deemed too soft, like losing a hard fought battle with love or focusing on the fear that arises from the uncertainties of life, are now staples in young rapper's repertoires; often yielding creatively passionate results. Khary Durgans is firmly aware of all of his failures, insecurities, and frailties, which educates every aspects of his debut, Love + Anchors. From his shy-guy nerd flow, to his wildly varied production choices, the entire project feels closer to a confessional than just the standard braggadocio rhymes.

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For a debut project, Drugans comes across as a mature emcee. Perhaps this is result of surviving the situations that he addresses on the project in these last two years. During the recording process, his family was evicted from their Rhode Island home, he was forced to sleep on his friends floor, and he dropped out of school. Many of the songs reveal the sordid tale of his transformation from student to dropout and then, finally,  an artist. It is incredibly personal, as this project was originally meant to only be heard by Durgans and friends.Thankfully, instead of coming across as embarrassing or weird, Love + Anchors is an endearing hour long experience.

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His lyrical prowess and oceanic obsession separates him from the rest of the emotional pack . The project's overall theme revolves around two types of anchors: the people or things that hold us down, and those that hold us back from progressing. He rather be a pirate than a coke boy. It is an interesting dynamic that has rarely been done in hip hop, making it intriguing at the least. Lyrically, he is reminiscent of Milo, but with a few more popular culture references. His rhymes are all fairly witty and poignant, but you will need to keep your hand on the rewind button, as he raps in double time. However, Durgans' quick mumbles help to sell his anxious and nervous character.

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Love + Anchors is free to download and you should take advantage of this offer. Durgans' is still learning and maturing, but for a first project, this sounds extremely well thought out and put together. If he continues down this path, he can only get better; however, his life should be getting better as well. How will this affect his music? We shall wait and see. 

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