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Jasper Sommer & Tsunaina Debut Mellow "(en) Terre"

As is the norm these days, not much is known about Jasper Sommer. The newest addition to a collective titled PUSHCRAYONS, the British electronic producer and instrumentalist ventures into experimental realms with his mellow, warm "(en) Terre". Amidst the soft, relaxed ticking, female singer/songwriter Tsunaina's voice floats hauntingly into consciousness, harmonizing and quietly murmuring a few sung phrases - pretty certain "take your breath away" is among them. She's intriguing, almost lulling you into a state of hypnosis. 

"(en) Terre" is calm from its inception, featuring Sommer's clicking, whirring backdrop. According to a press release, "En Terre" means to be on ground/earth, while ‘enterre’ means to be buried. The brackets symbolise the two meanings behind the song. The single is the prologue to a three-part saga of love and addiction by Tsunaina. 




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