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The mysterious user601586061 returns with "Superfriends"

The mysterious user601586061 (or Z) is back again just one week after taking the internet by storm with the "Moves Like Ms. Jackson" bootleg that we posted last week.  "Superfriends," is the follow up to the initial Disclosuresque sounding track that had the internet wondering if the two young brits were hinting at an OutKast team-up at Coachella.  This time it's a darker, more clubby track  that re-uses the already signature blend of RnB falsetto and pitched down rap vocals to add a bit of a gangster element to the track...  a technique that we've noticed producers are starting to use more and more effectively in house music.

At this point it seems  doubtful that this has anything to do with Disclosure as the cover-art and consistent vocals throughout both tracks hint at a new voice.  Who it is we're not sure but it's pretty rare to have two tracks of this quality hit just one week a part with consistent album art so we suspect we'll be hearing from the mysterious 'Z' sooner rather than later.





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  • Nice Track....

    Avatar Hextwitty February 17, 2014 3:49 PM Reply
  • Rumor has it the artists name is ZHU.


    There's an unlisted video going around with the same logo and similar vocalist.


    There is also a soundcloud account under the same name without any tracks yet. The profile picture however simply has ¯_(ツ)_/¯ which is also the soundcloud tag on the track you posted.

    Whoever it is, they're on my radar big time.

    Avatar Skooter February 18, 2014 7:36 PM Reply

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