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Latasha Alcindor and her "L.A. State Of Mind" [Premiere]

 Coming out of  Brooklyn, NY, Latasha Alcindor, better known as L.A., has been steady building her buzz having already performed for Jay-Z's Thats Rocawear Campaign and MTV's SuckerFree Sundays.  Speaking to a generation of female artist, L.A.'s appeal  doesn't just lie in her sexuality, but more her lyricism; a reflection of her social awareness and passion for hip-hop. To call her conscious would be a bit banal. Dope would be a more accurate word. Last year, Tasha shared some of her psyche with her Spark LP, a fresh 14 track ride that included the likes of Tasha The Amazon and Ryshon Jones along with her on the journey. 

Today marks her the premiere of her new video, "L.A. State Of Mind",  a feature from an undisclosed forthcoming album produced in that boom-bap likeness from producer Pig-Pen. Almost as bubbly as the song, the video's imagery is based on contrast. Here is what L.A had to say about it herself:

Directed by Stephanie Geweda, LA STATE OF MIND is about the revolution in my mind. Contrasting the darkness with the light, and finding space to understanding the goods and evils of society through wordplay and imagery, The video is the bubbling of revolution beneath the surface.



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