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Ben Gold releases 2 track '#Goldrush Vol 1' EP

The past two years have seen Ben Gold's rise from being the golden child of one label, Garuda, to making hits that span across a broader range of trance listeners gaining more mix and album exposure for his recognizable piano composed melodic club music. Much like his friend and collaborator (and Garuda label head) Gareth Emery, Gold has gone on some major explorations of harder electro sound. But it seems that he is returning to the helm of Garuda to keep its unique sound in tact with his first 2014 release, an EP entitled #Goldrush Vol. 1. Filled  with two tracks that are just mesmerizing, high energy black holes, I can't help but grimace at how good these tracks are, and can't wait to see what volume 2 has in store.

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Stream: Ben Gold - Vortex

Ben Gold

#Goldrush Vol 1

  • Garuda
  • GARUDA079
Dance · Trance


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