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E-Prosounds drops esoteric concepts on 'The Divine Mind' [Album Stream]

More often than not, the well skilled and intellectual side of hip hop tends to be separated from the pop champagne-ers and partygoers. While there isn't anything inherently wrong with it (as much as I love guys like Aesop Rock and Sage Francis, I don't want to hear their music when I go to the club,)  I'd argue that, because of the over saturated nature of these club bangers and the simplicity it takes to write them, their shelf lives are limited. Though the barrier of entry for what most heads classify as "conscious rap"--though I despise that term-- is higher and requires some searching, it's more than worth it once you find that hot track.   

 Alas, The Divine Mind from NY emcee E-Prosounds is one project that perfectly encapsulates the East Coast sound without coming across as fake or pretentious. It's a refined and smooth tape that can complement a frantic Monday rush or a chilled out Sunday afternoon.  With tracks like "Eeze Out" and "Doin It" E-Pro proves his word play is on point ("I got an even flow like my name is Eddie Vedder, very better,") as his brooding voice gels well with the various boom bap instrumentals. Give this one a bump and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  

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The Divine Mind

  • February 14th, 2014
Hip-Hop · Mixtape


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7 years ago

“: E-Prosounds drops esoteric concepts on 'The Divine ... - http://t.co/frk6hVRZHW @eprosounds” thanks for the support

7 years ago

This album is incredible, easily one of the better albums of 2014, mad heads are sleeping