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New Death Grips video for "No Love" embraces vintage 3D and handstands

Throw all of your favourite heavy genres into a bag then add a tiger or something ferocious and you’ll get something still miles away from the sound of Death Grips. The experimental hardcore hip hop group have signed a new deal with Warp Music in the wake of their Government Plates album dropping out of nowhere as a free download before making its way to iTunes for a now official release. The warped mind of the Grips has now decided to debut a music video for a track which was also originally leaked for free after a fall out with their previous label.

The track is lifted from No Love Deep Web which was eventually picked up by Harvest Records and released in physical form last year. The visuals for “No Love” will rekindle many a fan's enjoyment for vintage 3D, with a trippy washed out multi-layered effect which will have you searching for your old blue and red cardboard glasses. A worrying drum bangs as subtitles explaining the process of not giving a f*** to giving a f*** flash across the bottom of the screen before a Tarantino style headline puts in to perspective how crazy it is that we ever gave a f***.

The track itself is heavy and busy as you imagine hell to be, so frontman Stefan Burnett’s almost demonic possession in this video is fitting. The chaos of this music video and Death Grips as an outfit is either trash or magic to you. Either dividing opinions is their M.O or they really don’t give a f***. Death Grips’ plans to record more music and tour in 2014 probably won’t give us an answer but will definitely give us some fresh creative noise to overanalyse. Result!

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