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MTown drops an appropriately titled 'Sexxxtapes' [Download]

MTown has been working hard and impressing with his slick rhymes, and has dropped some pretty amazing content with us in the past. This time around, he's released a completely different style of work that blends sensual sounds with his strong flow. 

Starting about the intro, the young talent raps over XXYYXX, setting off a beautiful mixtape that follows in a similar style throughout. It's a perfect release that will provide a great soundtrack to those taken, single, or somewhere in-between. With a cohesion that lets the songs flow from track to track, the songs are a great piece of work that prove MTown is ready to make 2014 his year. 

Check out some of the tracks and the awesome cover art below, and get the entire tape for free via mediafire

Stream: MTOWN - GET YOU HIGH II - 2014

Stream: MTOWN - XXX - 2012

Stream: MTOWN - 40 OUNCE II - 2014




  • February 14, 2014
Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap


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