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Peter Lyons' remix of Khushi's "Phantoms" is a masterful electronic overhaul

Khushi's "Phantoms", originally Phoria-esque and acoustically alternative, has been transformed by London, UK-based Peter Lyons into an entity of notable force. Landing a spot on Khushi's upcoming EP titled Phantom (which is dropping March 3 via Laissez Faire Club), Lyons has catapulted Khushi's sound to new heights, giving it a spacious, electronic overhaul. 

"Phantoms" now exists with playful synth and experimental electronic accompaniments. The vocals remain as a focal point, who effortlessly soar amongst the dreamy, swoon-worthy backdrop. 

Khushi, in celebration of the release of the Phantom EP, is having a launch party in London on March 6. If you want to be there, click here.

Downtempo · Dreamwave · Electronic · Indie


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