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Gatsby and Hometown Hero Take a moment to "Testify" [Video Premiere]

Tampa emcee Gatsby premieres his latest Pablo Vasquez directed visual. Now, there is always talk about the current Hip Hop scene in Florida and some may say that it's non existent, while the ones on the inside might beg to differ. Gatsby happens to be one of the rare gems that has been grinding hard to get Tampa's rap game on the map. From his ridiculous flow to his energetic in your face stage presence if you haven't heard of him yet, you will be very soon. Today marks the day that we get to lay our eyes on his latest video, "Testify". In this clip we follow Gats on a mission for money, souvenirs and a clean get away with his co pilot Hometown Hero and the crew riding beside him. The shots are well carried out highlighting the mission at hand while still giving them time to showcase their lyrical talents with a gritty backdrop. There was a rumor going around that during the shoot a fight involving females broke out where the filming was taking place and there was a debate whether or not the clip would make it into the final cut. Well we all get to see bits of the Worldstar-ish activities during the 4 minute video and even though it's short lived, it gives it a little something extra.  

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