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Vanilla Ace reels us in with "Ladykiller"

British producer Vanilla Ace's is work really a gold mine. There's always something different, a new exploration or a new partnership in store. This week he's got all of those things: a new original mix on Erase Records entitled "Ladykiller," and a carefree adventure into indie dance. And there is something really different about this track - something nostalgic in the focus on the raw piano progression, and a melody that feels like disco, but isn't quite. We've been hearing a lot of dance records that are just straight 1980s influenced recently, but "Ladykiller" has a little 1990s soul in there as well. Combined with the deep undertone of the track, this track really spans decades. 

Stream: Vanilla Ace - Ladykiller (Original mix)

Vanilla Ace


  • Erase Records
  • ER252


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