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Denzal Park and Dave Winnel explore new heights in "The Great Valley"

Three Australians walk into a bar... Wait, that's not how this goes. In this case, three Australians walk into a studio and one massive track walks out. The DJ/producer duo Denzal Park and producer Dave Winnel, in collaboration with Diffused Music, have just released their track "The Great Valley" and it is truly 'great' indeed.  As the two musical acts have been climbing the ladder rungs to reach new levels of success in their homeland, both of their styles have grown and developed into something to take note of, and their music has been crossing into international territory. This original track puts a twist on progressive-house with their chill melodies intermittently interrupted by high energy synth triplets. The rise and fall of each segment will pull you into a massive state of exhilaration on the club floor. This track is nothing to make jokes about, so get ready to dance and push play below.


Stream:Denzal Park, Dave Winnel - The Great Valley (Original Mix)


Dance · House · Progressive


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