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ABGOHARD defies all nonbelievers on "Yung God" [Video]

Man? Myth? Legend? Who exactly is ABGOHARD? Forged from the heavens as many of the gods before him and blessed with a purple member, the NY residing rapper has been hard at work with a host of projects, including the left field and off the wall Zubat, which dropped last year. On the atmospheric and hypnotizing "Yung God," AB obliterates the competition with his Ol Dirty Bastard-esque mannerisms coupled with a loose, free flowing rhyme scheme that pairs well with the Yuri Beats supplied instrumental. Though he appears to be rapping in what some individuals may label as conscious rap, he's on a whole different train of thought than those around him while speaking on the love for his friends and family in this minimalistic video. 

"Yung God" will make an appearance on ABGOHARD's upcoming Yung Purple Dick, a free project that'll drop on February 12th for your enjoyment. 2014 is the year in which we all become Yung Gods. 




"Yung God"

  • February 1st, 2014
Hip-Hop · Music Videos


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